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About Us

Here at Rasima Contract we help you transfer your ideas and wishes into efficient projects that bring great results – rendering your ideas to perfection.

As a full-service company, our practice has always been inclusive. From consulting to designing to building to finishing and FF&E implementing, we do what it takes and make sure it’s done properly.


We provide turn-key integrated design services in the fields of architecture, civil engineer, interior design and Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment.

Designs and Consultancy

Starting from scratch, we help you develop a whole plan including architecture, civil engineer and interior designs. We provide smart solutions that fit your budget.

Construction and Site management

Our architects are also construction managers, providing feedback throughout the construction process. Keeping cost and schedule in check.

Finishing and FF&E solutions

We master the art of finishing down to the last detail, procuring high quality FF&E brands that live up to your expectations.


To get a glimpse of what we are all about, here’s a selection of some of the projects we’ve designed and brands we’ve worked with over the past few years:

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Contact Us

PHONE:+218 91 017 8963
ADDRESS: Bin Ashour Str, Tripoli - Libya.